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Simplify lifestyle for your daily life and travel TRAVEL PACK

Basic package consisting of Angel puffs
for daily cleansing & exfoliation with a laundry bag.
Don’t miss out your skin care
not only for your daily cleansing routine,
but also during camping with your family,
or a trip with friends during your holidays!


CROON’s Solution for Detoxing Your Skin

The ANGEL PUFF for Daily Cleansing

CROON’s soft fibers were specially designed to
gently remove all makeup and residue from
your skin.
This ANGEL PUFF is made for daily cleansing.

The ANGEL PUFF for Exfoliation

The ANGEL PUFF for exfoliation has thicker fibers
than the one for daily cleansing,
helping to eliminate both residue and dead skin.
Use 1-2 times a week according to your skin’s

“Discover your authentic and natural beauty.”

Are you certain that your skin is improving?

We are constantly exposed to
chemicals in cleansing products,
shampoos & conditioners,
toothpaste, and detergents,
all of which contribute to our skin’s

Skin Detox with Just Water

Your skin is tired of chemical ingredients
– give it a rest with a skin detox.
CROON’s exclusively designed ANGEL PUFF
cleanses your skin of all types of residue
including dead skin, sebum, and fine dust.
This leaves only the purest ingredients on
your skin to reveal your authentic and natural

Simple and Economical Cleansing

From cotton pad, Cleansing tissue, oil, water and foam.
Haven’t you spend too much money and time for
Instead of using and wasting your time and money for
cotton pads and cleansing products, start a simple and
economical way of cleansing with Just Croon Angel
Puff and water.

The Eco-friendly Cleansing Puff from Austria

Each CROON product is carefully handcrafted
by technicians carrying on the 200-year
tradition found in Vorarlberg, Austria.
In our pursuit of sustainability, no animal
testing is conducted, and chemical waste is
minimized in the making of our products.

Bright and Healthy Skin Thanks to the #CROONEFFECT

Skin that can finally breathe
Deep-clean your pores to help your skin breathe easy.
Toning effect through cleansing
Boost oxygen and blood circulation to achieve a brighter skin tone.
Ideal moisture balance
Restore the balance of blemish-prone, sensitive, and oily skin for a healthy complexion.
Flawless skin prep in the morning & evening
Cleanse pores to help makeup last in the morning and enhance the absorption of nourishing creams in the evening.

The reason why CROON is extraordinary

Unique fiber technology of CROON

CROON Angel puff composed of fine fibers that are thick as a hundredth of a human hair. All these strands cleanse all impurities such as greasiness, dead cells from the deep inside of your skin.


CROON Fiber absorbs impurities on your skin and remove them by capillary effect. Also, it prevents impurities from reaching on the skin once again.

Cutting Technology

CROON designed and manufactured the fiber with special cutting technology. Every single strand of fiber is finely split. By this crevice each fiber cleanses impurities on your pore without leaving any of them.

Cleansing with CROON vs Traditional Cleansing

Traditional deep-cleansing product

– Cleanse the impurities on the surface of the skin only
– While cleansing, impurities and chemical residue from makeup keep reaching the skin
– Residual Impurities and chemical make an ideal growing condition for bacteria.


CROON Angel puff

– Without skin irritation, cleanse deeper parts of the pores
– Absorb impurities on your skin by capillary effect and impurities do not reach the skin
– Remove all impurities deeper parts of the pores and make a clear skin

Awarded 5 stars (the highest level) by Dermatest* in Germany

*Dermatest: A cosmetic and medicine quality certification organization founded in Münster, Germany in 1978.


Reduced pore size
(6.07% reduction on average)

Skin Texture

Improved skin evenness
(Improvement of 16.33% on average)


Reduced acne-causing substances
(Reduction of 57.21% on average)

My New Cleansing Routine

Cleansing with CROON PUFFs may feel unfamiliar at first, but you’ll soon find that it’s easy. Go step-by-step to create a healthy new cleansing routine that suits your skin.

How to use

Familiarize yourself with the following steps.

Step 01
Wet the puff sufficiently to moisten your skin.
Step 02
Gently cleanse your face using circular movements.
Step 03
Wash your face with warm water and dry it with a clean towel.
How to care

Clean the puff for the next use.

Step 04
Wash the puff thoroughly with soap and warm water.
Step 05
Remove excess moisture from the puff with a towel.
Step 06
Keep it on an airy place to dry the puff for the next use.

CROON’s Pursuit of Simple and Healthy Cleansing

1 Seamless Technology

Featuring our patented seamless
technology, CROON puffs gently
cleanses from all angles.

2 Colors

Choose your CROON puff from a wide range of
Our dyed puffs are colorfast and easy to clean,
allowing extended use.

3 Sharpen Fiber

CROON fibers are fine-cut using a special
technique so that they can deep-clean your

4 Handmade

The majority of the manufacturing
process is completed by Austrian
masters with over 30 years of

CROON’s Eco-friendly Packaging

CROON’s packaging is made of biodegradable paper and forgoes
the use of plastic that is harmful to the environment.
Arrive ready to go in a highly practical and well-designed packaging.


These honest reviews will give you a glimpse of the beautiful
change that CROON can help you achieve in 2 weeks.

Youngji Hong, Makeup Artist

Age: 31 / Skin Concern: Blemishes

Before starting to use the CROON ANGEL PUFF

“I tried my best to do my makeup well for the benefit of my clients,
which led me to wear a great deal of makeup every day.
Although I have blemish-prone, sensitive skin,
I decided to participate because I really wanted to have noticeably good skin.”

1 Day After Use

“At first, I was worried because I would have to wash with just water and the ANGEL PUFF, but I was very surprised as I began the routine.
It was gentler than using cleansing water and it took less effort than using cleansing tissues, but was excellent at erasing makeup.
After washing my face, my nose looked smooth as if I applied primer, and the blackheads and sebum were gone.
I couldn’t stop repeating how crazy it was.”

1 Week After Use

“After starting to use the ANGEL PUFF, I noticed that the glow returned to my skin when I applied makeup.
My makeup applied more evenly and lasted longer than before.
Since I could directly see the improvement to my skin texture, I had even more confidence in using the product.”

Youngji’s CROON Story, 2 Weeks After Use

“In the past, when my skin broke out, I extracted the blemishes and applied soothing cream.
But when I gently rubbed the area with the ANGEL PUFF, the trapped sebum came out naturally.
Instead of causing a scar, it seemed like the puff simply removed the residue that I needed to get rid of.
Since the puff thoroughly cleansed leftover makeup along the hairline, the skin in that area improved as well.
In particular, I love the convenience of not having to pack any cleansing products but my ANGEL PUFF when going on business trips.”

Sunah Kim, Host of a Beauty Show

Age: 30 / Skin Concern: Moisture levels

Before starting to use the CROON ANGEL PUFF

“Due to my very dry skin that broke out when I applied strong chemical products,
I was constantly on the look-out for natural products.
I need to wear thick makeup when I’m on the air,
so I wanted to find out more about the effect of using the ANGEL PUFF that allows you to cleanse with just water.”

1 Day After Use

“I was most worried about the puff’s ability to cleanse,
so I was surprised by how well the ANGEL PUFF removed traces of makeup.
I wondered if it only erased makeup well,
but I was happy to discover that it also removed oil and sebum effectively.”

1 Week After Use

“I was highly satisfied because I was finally free of chronic dryness in the fall and winter seasons.
I think that the ANGEL PUFF removes impurities while only leaving behind what the skin truly needs,
so it’s a great product for those with oily or dry skin.”

Sunah’s CROON Story, 2 Weeks After Use

“I was very much surprised to find that the puff designed for exfoliation completely cleansed the T-zone of sebum.
I used to squeeze out the sebum by hand, but now my skin doesn’t even break out.
When I touch my skin after cleansing, it feels smoother, too.
I had concerns before starting because my skin was so sensitive.
However, I’ve definitely seen the effect clearly enough that I no longer have any worries.”

Younghoon Lee, Beauty Promotion Manager

Age: 35 / Skin Concern: Dryness

Before starting to use the CROON ANGEL PUFF

“I mainly used cleansing oils in order to treat my skin’s dryness.
I often wear makeup due to my occupation and I was curious to know if I could really remove makeup with water alone.
I was a bit concerned that it might be harsh on the skin.”

1 Day After Use

“I typically washed my face with water in the morning.
I was pleasantly surprised by the clean and refreshing feeling I got from using the ANGEL PUFF.
I am more than satisfied because I can cleanse my skin gently using only water.”

1 Week After Use

“I worried that I would get blemishes if I didn’t take care.
However, the puff is not only easy to use, I haven’t had any blemishes and it cleanses really well.”

Younghoon’s CROON Story, 2 Weeks After Use

“Guys usually spend a short time washing their face, so I feel that I’m getting a more thorough cleanse when I use the ANGEL PUFF.
After trying it for 4 weeks, the shine in my T-zone is gone and I can finally leave my oil blotting sheets at home.”

Soohyun Jang, Food Stylist

Age: 25 / Enlarged pores

Before starting to use the CROON ANGEL PUFF

“I have dry skin overall, but my T-zone is oily.
My biggest concern was that my makeup would look cakey because of dead skin.
I pay a lot of attention to cleansing and moisturizing,
but I would get stressed out on days that my makeup didn’t stay smooth.”

1 Day After Use

“I frequently spent about 10 minutes washing my face in order to cleanse thoroughly.
However, I found that the ANGEL PUFF was quick at removing makeup.
I had gotten used to applying a face mask or cream to moisturize my skin after cleansing.
Imagine my surprise when my skin felt supple, not dry, after cleansing with the ANGEL PUFF.”

1 Week After Use

“Thanks to the ANGEL PUFF, it only takes me half the time to wash my face. It’s beyond convenient.
I tend to have dead skin, which led me to use the ANGEL PUFF for exfoliation every two days or so.
People began to ask if I had changed my makeup.”

Soohyun’s CROON Story, 2 Weeks After Use

“I always had concerns about my pores, but during the test period, I forgot about it.
My makeup applies extremely well these days.
Although sometimes I feel like going to sleep without washing my face,
since the ANGEL PUFF makes it easy to quickly cleanse with just water, I don’t have any excuse anymore.
I can say I’m very satisfied because the ANGEL PUFF is enhancing my skin in many different ways.”

Product essential information

Capacity and weight

Four (4) puffs

Product Specifications

Available for all skin types

Period of use or after use

We recommend using 1.5 to 3 months per Angel Puff.


Danardo GmbH, Austria


Giken Trading (S) Pte. Ltd.

Country of manufacture



Angel Puff – Cleansing: Polyester 80%, Acrylic 20%
Angel Puff – Exfoliating: Acrylic 65%, Polyester 35%
Washing Net: Polyester 100%

Usage Precautions

1) Please use according to the instruction manual.
2) If you are using Angel Puff for the first time, your skin may become red or hot due to an increase in blood flow.
3) Do not rub too hard.
4) Keep clean for next use.
5) You are not recommended to share your puff with others.
6) Do not put it under direct sunlight or in places where the temperature is too high or low.
7) Please keep out of reach of children.
8) Do not use it for rash or skin rash such as capillary swelling and rupture.
9) If skin irritation or swelling occurs, please stop using it and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Quality assurance standards

If there is something wrong with this product, it can be exchanged or refunded according to the Return Policy.

For Enquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us through
Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (except weekends and holidays, lunchtime from 12 to 13 on weekdays)


1. Shipping
We offer shipping throughout Singapore except for restricted areas. Please provide us with a valid shipping address and contact details.

Order Amount Standard 3-5 days shipping (no time slots)
Orders below S$50.00 S$2.00
Orders S$50 and above Free

• A shipping fee will apply if your minimum purchase amount falls below minimum shipping after discounts.
• We are closed for delivery on Sundays and on Singaporean Public Holidays
• Shipping may take longer during sale periods, holidays and extreme weather

2. Tracking
To track and check the status of your order, please click here and enter the tracking number sent to your email. Please contact the courier to check on the status of your package

3. Delivery Date
Your purchased item will be shipped within the next business day after payment is completed (Upon completion of payment by Friday, Saturday and Sunday, your purchased item will be shipped on next Monday.) and it will take 3-5 business days to reach you depending on our shipping agent delivery schedule. Please note that shipping may take longer during sale periods, holidays and extreme weather


Items that purchased at Croon Singapore official website can be exchanged only through the corresponding online platform.

1. Exchange
For defective and incorrect items, you must return the complete packaging to us within 7-dayfrom the date of receiving the items purchased. Please refer to our return FAQ for more information about the return terms and condition.

2. Return / Exchange is Not Possible
– Incorrect purchase
– Change of mind
– Damage or damage of the product due to consumer negligence

3. Exchange / Return Procedures
Please refer to our return FAQ for the return procedure.
**We will send you a new product after the inspection and the manager will check and return the product you have shipped to us.
**Please drop us an email at to request for replacement / return before returning the product to us. Please note that if you ship the product to any address through any other shipping company without the exchange / return application, it may be difficult to trace the product and the return confirmation may be delayed or not refunded.

4. Return Shipping Cost
Free return shipping cost if the item was approved as defective or incorrect items. However, if the returned items was not approved under the group of defective and incorrect terms, customer will need to bear for the shipping cost. We will deduct an S$ 7.00 for the return shipping cost upon customer refund.

5. Other Return
Replacement / return / refund due to skin troubles caused by product used must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.

1 review for Angel Puff Travel Pack – Multi

  1. | jan***

    It was a great experience from croon sg , & it help me to solve my problem as i have to face the consequences to prevent having breakouts on my face. thankyou so much croon sg💕 will get more angel puff if ever need it again 🙈

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